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How do I create a !song command for my bot?

To adjust the maximum playback duration of a song request, adjust the «Max length of song» input in the filtering menu. By activating the «Only accept requests while the stream is online» checkbox in the filtering menu, Moobot will only accept requests while your stream on Twitch is online. You can change this in the «Request failed due to max requests from the user in this session» response of the «! While in the «Special features» menu, activate the toggle button for «Song requests» to turn the feature on. Notifications are an alternative to the classic alerts.


If you enjoy anime on Twitch Stream, you can add a little music to your playlist to enjoy it. It not only adds a new level of entertainment, but it also allows viewers to discover new music. To learn more about using the Twitch Stream soundtrack in your stream, please visit the Twitch Stream soundtrack website.

What can you do with a Streamlabs chatbot?

In this article, you will find detailed information about how to deactivate, reactivate or delete your Twitch account in 2019. Automatically timing out users who are using offensive words in chat. This enables one user to give a specified currency amount to another user. This will return the date and time for every particular Twitch account created.

BABYMETAL Unleash Cinematic New Song “Metal Kingdom”: Stream – Consequence

BABYMETAL Unleash Cinematic New Song “Metal Kingdom”: Stream.

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This will display all the channels that are currently hosting your channel. Below are the most commonly used commands that are being used by other streamers in their channels. Command edit rather than add; or edit the command from the Cloudbot dashboard.

Manually moderating song requests​

You can also add music to your stream by using either Nightbot or Spottybot. You can stream music from Sound Cloud, Spotify , and YouTube with Nightbot. To view the video, you’ll need the URL, which can be found in the address bar at the top of your browser window, as well as the video ID.

  • You can set the minimum time a viewer has to have watched your stream before they can request a song.
  • Streamers are allowed to adjust who can and can’t use certain commands.
  • The song list Twitch command is a great way to keep track of the songs you’ve played on your stream.
  • Giving a response to a user if any command has been posted on chat.
  • You can view and adjust the full queue of requested songs in the «Primary playlist» menu.
  • The setup of your own Streamlabs chatbot is successfully completed.

It offers basic functionalities like spam protection along with several advanced features like chat follower notification. This chatbot can also give auto commands, request a song, raffles, giveaways and more. SongRequest» chat command has many responses based on your song request filtering and settings. In the drop-down menu select the «Filtering» option, which will open up the filtering menu for the feature.

Misspelled command

This includes live streaming software with hundreds of widgets, overlay themes, alarms, a tip page, and Cloudbot moderation capabilities. Also, more than 300 free overlays, video editing tools, a logo, video intro maker, social media reminder animations, and merch store capabilities are all available. I like gaming, streaming and watching other people stream. I created this website to help streamers, viewers, and gamers answer questions they have regarding live streaming, gaming, and PCs. I am a Twitch affiliate and currently stream on Twitch 3 days a week.

  • But it has gained a lot of popularity for its support for regular expressions and focused advanced features.
  • This Twitch Bot includes modules, commands, spam filters, and timers.
  • If you are still here, I hope this troubleshooting information will be helpful to you.
  • Almost 100% of the original song quality will be kept after converting process.
  • This is one reason many streamers have actually stopped using song requests and just play a copyright free playlist they have.
  • You can define certain quotes and give them a command.

Streamlabs is compatible with practically all widely used streaming services, including Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube. Improved Stream State Detection, Streamer Account has to be connected for this to work properly it will check based on the Streamer Account that is connected. Redid Hierarchy so Mods are no longer omnipotent. Only Editors and the Streamer are Omnipotent now. Transfer command now combines old name’s info with new name’s info. That way if someone has gained points / hours using their name Twitch name they won’t simply be replaced the old will simply be added on top of it.

Search StreamScheme

The seventh and final step is to launch the chatbot, at which point everything should function normally. Choose “Run as Administrator” from the context menu when right-clicking your Chatbot Shortcut. The chatbot could have been flagged as a virus by Windows Defender. The bot should be live and show stream within a platform. If the cost is greater than zero, the user must have a sufficient number of points, and the currency option must be activated.

How do I set up song requests on stream?

First open up the Features menu from the main menu, then open the Special features menu from there. While in the Special features menu, activate the toggle button for Song requests to turn the feature on. Now find the song-player widget on your dashboard and click the play button to start the song requests.

Go to the Streamlabs website’s address and click ‘Login’ in the upper-right corner of the page. Users can choose the platform they want to use to log in on the following screen. Streamlabs won’t take a cut of users’ earnings. Streamlabs is an open-source project powered by the OBS engine. Users will receive a highly reliable stream from this source; however, this broadcast requires a stable connection to use the necessary bandwidth.

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Just purchasing a song on iTunes or having a subscription service to listen to a song doesn’t give you the permission or rights to play that music for a live audience. With these features, the app requires a powerful computer for a smooth experience. Whether a user wants to turn live streaming into a career or do it for pleasure, establishing a tip page on Streamlabs can assist along the way. Setting up a Streamlabs tip page is one of the quickest methods to generate income from broadcasting.

  • Again, the streamer must use Moobot and have song requests enabled in order for the song request command to work.
  • The use of music streaming services like Spotify on Twitch has been prohibited in recent days.
  • We also offer a community to network with like-minded people.
  • WrongSong» chat command removes the previously requested song of whoever uses the command.
  • Actually, the mods of your chat should take care of the order, so that you can fully concentrate on your livestream.
  • Also, Nightbot lets streamers rename commands if they choose to.

Now login with the credentials of your chatbot account. In the next step, select your preferred streaming platform and click Next. If you are still here, I hope this troubleshooting information will be helpful to you. Your stream will have a more distinctive atmosphere due to Streamlabs chatbot’s bespoke instructions, leading to more audience engagement.


For example, you can stream labs song request up spam or caps filters for chat messages. You can also use this feature to prevent external links from being posted. This prevents unwanted advertising in the chat. Do you want a certain sound file to be played after a Streamlabs chat command? You have the possibility to include different sound files from your PC and make them available to your viewers.


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